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The Argument Clinic

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Too difficult to follow? Follow this link and read the script:


The Argument Sketch - the script


Now listen again. Think about the following questions:

What is the difference between an argument and a contradiction?

Do you like arguing? How do you feel when you are being contradicted?

Why would a person pay for an argument?

Do you think this argument was 'value for money'? What's the difference between an argument and a good argument according to the employee?

Do you think the employee is good at his job?


The customer doesn't think so. This is the letter of complaint he sent to the Clinic:


Dear Sir or Madam,


I am writing to complain about the poor quality of service I received at your clinic.


I paid for a five minute argument. What I got instead was less than five minutes of a very unimaginative contradiction. Your employee simply contradicted everything I said. When I pointed out to him that there was a difference between an argument and a contradiction (Argument is an intellectual process.  Contradiction is just  the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says.), he said that, in order to argue with me he had to take up a contrary position. And then  he stopped arguing with me before  my five minutes were up, insisting that I should pay for another five minutes if I wanted him to continue arguing.


I need hardly point out that I am extremely dissatisfied with the service you provided. I feel that I am entitled not only to an apology, but also to a full money refund. I would ask you to give this matter your full attention and expect to hear from you by the end of the week.


Yours Faithfully


James Luxury-Yacht




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